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Checkpoint Learning
Administrator - CPE Tracking and Compliance
Checkpoint Learning
Checkpoint Learning Functionality: Firm Administrator Training for Subscription Packages
Price: Free

This training is intended for administrators new to their subscription package with Checkpoint Learning and covers the following:

  • How to login
  • How to change your password
  • How to add a professional designation
  • How to set up the tracking component
  • How to add CE history and documentation
  • How to access your purchased training (via the MyCPE tab)
    1. Online
    2. Download
    3. Online Grading
    4. Webinars
    5. Register for Seminars
    6. Checking your discount consumption
  • How to use the Competency Module (Premier Plus Customers only)
    1. How to choose competencies
    2. Assess competencies
    3. Invite Manager to assess competencies
    4. Complete courses linked to competencies from your assessment
  • How to use the Course Catalog

Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
CPE Credit:
30 minutes

Available in: Recorded Webinar (self-study)Recorded Webinar (self-study)

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