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Checkpoint Engage
Checkpoint Engage
Checkpoint Engage
Checkpoint Engage: Next Generation Audit Engagements
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Introducing Checkpoint Engage!  We've enhanced our trusted, risk-based audit process and expert guidance in SMART Practice Aids and relocated it to the cloud!  
Checkpoint Engage will appeal to your staff and allow them to work smarter, not harder.  With Checkpoint Engage you will have increased confidence that you are complying with the latest standards and producing higher quality audits. You’ll position your firm for the future with higher realization and increased revenues by:  
• Instantly accessing your audit data anytime, anywhere
• Easily collaborating with staff on multi-location audits in real-time
• Saying goodbye to time killing synchronization processes
• Resolving version control issues once and for all
• Securing your sensitive data

This class is designed for auditing professionals who are interested in learning about Checkpoint Engage™.  In this class, you will learn how to plan and execute your engagements using our risk-based audit process within Checkpoint Engage™.  You will also learn to efficiently use this online automated workflow tool, including documenting audit planning, assessing risk, and tailoring and completing audit programs and disclosure checklists.  In addition, you will see how to easily access implementation guidance and support

Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
CPE Credit:
1 hour 15 minutes

Available in: Recorded WebinarRecorded Webinar

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